Angel investing is the most significant source of investment in start up and early stage businesses seeking equity to grow their business.

We supporting the financing of young innovative start-ups via venture capital.

The program is currently only available in Germany but it is planned to roll-out the program to other European countries, such a:

Tasks of the lead investor

Form and conditions of the Investor Partner participation

Amount of the Investor Partner participation

Application process

To facilitate the analysis and assessment of the business concept, the Softreck has defined a transparent four-step process. The process consists of:

If in the preparation of the business plan is needed the Softreck provides the support of an experienced coach or network partner (often a Business Angel).

At the end the decision concerning an investment is made by one of the three investment committees (each investment committee is focused on another technology).

Financing terms

Companies can receive up to 500,000 Euro Venture Capital in a first financing round. Softreck acquires 15% of the shares (nominal value) and gives a subordinated shareholder loan over a period of 7 years. The interest rates (currently 10 %) of the subordinated loan will exposed for 4 years in order to preserve the liquidity of the start-up.

The own capital contribution of the founding team should be 20 % (10% in the new federal states, including Berlin) of the investment sum of the Softreck. Half of these 20% (10%) can be financed by investors (Business Angels, regional seed funds , private or public investors).

Business Angels, seed funds and other investors are invited to be active as side- investors.